Erica Edfeldt

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Super interested in energy markets, energy policies and the energy trilemma of creating a renewable transition, ensuring security of supply and offering affordable energy.

I work with a range of different energy market projects including incentives and policy instruments within energy sector, cost benefit analysis, investment assessment and scenario analysis. I have in-depth knowledge of energy taxes (both for energy usage and energy production), EU energy directives, EU emission trading system, electricity production costs, energy efficiency, energy policy instruments, electricity grid regulation and electricity price formation.

I work with due diligence projects on behalf on international investors, mainly within district heating, natural gas and electricity distribution networks.

I a part of Sweco Energy Markets since summer 2013 and 2013/14 took part in Sweco’s trainee graduate program. Master from Industrial Engineering Management and Energy Systems at The Royal Institute of Technology.

Sol, Vindkraft, Kärnkraft, Bio, Vattenkraft, Värme, Nät, Elhandel, Gas, Energieffektivisering, Energilagring, Laddinfrastruktur, Kraftsystemanalys
Nätverka, Moderera/tala vid konferenser, Konsult, Styrelsearbete